With the Treehouses and others offering luggage transport to your room, let’s make it easy for them and you. I find there is no simple answer to which bag to bring and I usually end up with 3! So, I’ve had a look around at different options and these are my top luggage carriers.

For Kids

I remember first seeing these ride on luggage cases at Disney World and thought they are such a good idea. It is also very cute and comes in so many different brands, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Barbie to name just a few. There are other options like a fire truck as below. Some other options also for your consideration.

Need to carry the kids?

For the grown up’s going camping.

Lightweight and on wheels

Travel in style

Luggage transfer service

Move my Bag is a service based on the Isle of Wight to support your movement of luggage needs. It is great for those who are coming for a walking or cycling holiday or just have more stuff than they can carry. Starting at £6 per bag it is a well needed service when there is 500 miles of sign posted footpaths, cycle ways and bridleways.