Mottistone Manor

Mottistone Manor Estate and Gardens – National Trust

Mottistone Manor is a stunning manor house built in the 15th Century and referenced in the Doomsday book in 1086.

Mottistone have announced some ambitious goals to tackle the changing climate and have begun Mediterranean-style planting of an olive grove and introduction of yuccas, palms and bananas.

With a stunning rose garden to stroll through the beautiful orchard. The garden has places for children to play and adults to find a quite spot to sunbathe (it is a real suntrap so don’t forget the sun lotion – simple search for the best prices). The views across to the Solent are fantastic, and the outside of the Manor has lots of little quirks to find.

The garden’s are open throughout the summer period with the manor house only opening on certain days. There are no planned dates for the manor to open to the public in 2021 due to Covid-19. Tickets into the grounds are around £7 and inside there is a small shop, toilets and a small café with outdoor seating. There is a free car park a 2 minute walk from the entrance and it is on a bus route. Dogs can come in on leads.

The garden’s are beautiful with a wide range of flowers, trees and bushes still cared for in a nature-sensitive way. You will spy butterfly’s, birds including birds of prey and bee’s. Check out the books below to identify what is what and even create a game for the kids.