St Helen’s – The Vine

The Vine has great staff, lovely food and a local atmosphere. We were quite crammed in for no reason we could see. The bar is well stocked with a large choice of soft and alcoholic drinks at a decent price. The mains were tasty and others were raving about there foods. The Vine is dog friendly. They have live music, check out their facebook page for who and when.

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Between the communities of Bembridge and Seaview, St Helens is located on the east coast of the Isle of Wight.
The village greens, which constitute the heart of the hamlet and are considered to be among the largest in England, are one of St Helens’ defining features. The village greens in St Helens are an important aspect of village life, with a large children’s play area and regular sports being played there throughout the year.
A road runs down the opposite end of the settlement to St Helens’ Duver, which sits at the mouth of Bembridge Harbour. The ruins of the former St Helens church, which was wrecked by a strong wave in the 18th century, can be explored here. The popular St Helens beach, which is maintained by The National Trust, is also located here. The sand dunes here previously served as the first golf course on the Isle of Wight.